About me


Legendary crybaby Taylor Swift described me best – ‘I’m a nightmare, dressed as a daydream’. Ironic that I chose to start my introduction with her lyrics, when I’m the absolute opposite of every thing she stands for.

I’ve been told I don’t talk much. But that’s only ‘cause I spend most of the time taking in new inspirations for my drawings. I find inspiration in the things around me, in the things people say and do. I’ve even found inspiration in the dictionary. It’s the word right after ‘inspector’.

Most of the times, you will see me going gaga over dogs on the internet or drawing out the things I see in my twisted mind as illustrations, short animations and comic strips.

Feel free to contact or say hi on shirinkekre91@gmail.com.


36 Days Of Type

Creative Gaga

Creative Gaga

Desi Creative


Featured in Wacom’s ‘Live. Dare. Create.’ zine.




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